14 Jul 2017

Vacation Shopping at the Four Seasons Hotel

Looking for a pretty clutch to hold your passport, foreign money and must-haves on your summer jetset travels ??   ? Check out the selection of kimono clutches at the Four Seasons Hotel HongKong (shop on the 6th floor). The store is wonderfully stocked with resort wear and heavenly scented toiletries! An absolutely decadent way to kickstart your vacation right in Hong Kong, or… a half hour escape from the office at lunch time.

The spa shop at the Four Seasons Hotel is a heaven for vacation and resort shopping right in the heart of Central.
A good selection of Japanese kimono clutches and white gold plated cufflinks by Senselessart are on sale at the Four Seasons Shop (6th Floor). The cufflinks are our solution to zero waste making so that every single piece of the vintage Jacquard silk fabric is put to good use.

A wonderful space to shop for your resort wear.
Being in the middle of Central, this can easily before an escape from the office! *wink*
Heritage ReFashioned Kimono Obi Clutches at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong


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