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03 Nov 2016

Apple Daily 【專題籽】裙褂變手袋 賦舊布料新生命

本土設計師手藝送祝福 舊裙褂變手袋 Reducing waste and understanding our cultural heritage is a beautiful thing! Thank you Apple Daily for featuring our work in upcycling and sustainable fashion, designed and made in Hong Kong.  Here's a feature on our work upcycling end-of-use rental Chinese embroidered wedding gowns and vintage Japanese kimono textiles into clutches and handbags.  
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10 Dec 2015


Seigaiha means the blue wave sea and it’s a motif featuring concentric citcles overlapped to show the top portion.  Some interpret them as fans, some would interpret them as the scale of koi fish for courage. For it’s association with the sea, this pattern is often worn in the summer to as a reminiscence of [...]
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